The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (“USERRA”) requires employers to make pension or other retirement benefit contributions for employees who take and return from military leave and allows employees to make catch-up contributions while they were on leave. USERRA specifies the methods by which employers must calculate and determine the amounts of those contributions.

USERRA protects servicemembers’ right to health benefits and provides for continuation of health benefits.

USERRA allows employees to use vacation leave while they serve in the military; however, USERRA prohibits employers from requiring servicemembers to use vacation leave while they serve in the military.

USERRA also requires employers to provide employees on military leave with the most favorable treatment with respect to benefits that the employers provide to those on a comparable form of leave.

The following are a sample of the type of USERRA-protected benefit cases which members of Block & Leviton’s Veterans and Servicemembers Rights and Benefits Practice Group have litigated:

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