Our attorneys have represented both large and small institutional investors since the passage of the PSLRA in 1995. We get to know our clients and understand our clients goals and objectives. After all, we are your lawyers.

We advise our institutional investors when to get involved in litigation concerning their investments, whether it is a securities fraud or a corporate governance action. We also advise our clients when not to get involved in litigation. We believe that good counsel runs the full gambit of advising our clients as to what is in their best interests. Since our founding less than five years ago, numerous institutional investors have retained us to provide them with advice and represent them and protect their investments.

We also provide to our institutional clients, at no charge, portfolio monitoring services. This permits us to actively monitor our clients’ investment portfolios to evaluate whether losses suffered are due to normal market activity or may be due to wrongful conduct. This also allows us to properly advise our clients and protect their rights. We provide the following services:

  • Review trading information and investment positions on a regular basis and advise whether wrongdoing has occurred and if action should be taken.
  • Prepare analyses for our clients of any potential wrongdoing so that our clients can make a fully informed decision.
  • If our clients decide to pursue litigation, we represent them in all phases of that litigation, almost always on a contingent basis.
  • We regularly consult with our clients regarding the litigation, strategy and resolution.

Block & Leviton’s attorneys investigate all cases and we consult with forensic accountants and private investigators to develop our cases.

Our clients decide if and when they want to pursue litigation. Our job is to provide them with enough information to make a fully informed decision.

For more information regarding our services, or to answer any questions, please contact either Jeffrey Block or Jason Leviton.

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