Block & Leviton’s antitrust attorneys protect governmental entities, consumers, businesses, and non-profit entities from conduct that harms competition. Illegal anticompetitive behavior includes a wide range of misconduct, such as monopolization, price-fixing, tying, market allocation, bid rigging, and coordinated supply restrictions.

The attorneys at Block & Leviton have extensive experience investigating anticompetitive conduct in a wide range of industries and litigating cases under federal and state antitrust laws.  Most recently, as Co-Lead counsel, Block & Leviton reached a $55 million settlement, pending court approval, on behalf of a class of indirect purchasers in a lawsuit against Celgene Corp. for unlawfully excluding generic competition for vital cancer treatment drugs.  See In re Thalomid & Revlimid Antitrust Litig., No. 14-cv-06997 (D.N.J.).  In addition, Block & Leviton, serving as Co-Lead counsel, recovered $17 million on behalf of a class of indirect purchasers inIn re Domestic Drywall Antitrust Litig., 13-md-02437 (E.D. Pa.).

Block & Leviton also serves on the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee in In re Liquid Aluminum Sulfate Antitrust Litig., 16-md-02687 (D.N.J.), and has recovered more than $90 million on behalf of class members to date.  The Firm has also been appointed to the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee in In re Packaged Seafood Antitrust Litig., 15-md-02670 (S.D. Cal.), alleging price fixing in the market for shelf-stable seafood products.

Block & Leviton also represents a non-profit youth athletic association in In re Domestic Airlines Antitrust Litig., Case No. 15-mc-01404 (D.D.C.), seeking to recover overcharges on airplane tickets arising out of a conspiracy to restrict supply of domestic airline transportation.

If you may have been harmed as a result of anticompetitive conduct and would like to learn more about your rights, please contact us.

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