Investigation Into Osmosis LLC and Harmonized Water LLC

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Block & Leviton – a nationally recognized consumer class action law firm – is currently investigating Osmosis LLC and Harmonized Water LLC for marketing products that they claim to be effective in preventing sunburn and protecting against cancer-causing UV rays, repelling mosquitos, curing acne, reversing the aging process, and other seemingly miraculous medical feats.

In reality, the only ingredients are a “combination of waters” containing “different vibrational frequencies,” according to Harmonized Water’s website. Claiming that these products are effective may actually be harmful to consumers. In fact, a judge in Iowa recently halted the sale of Osmosis and Harmonized Water products to Iowa consumers, stating that the “products may jeopardize the health of [consumers] by giving a false sense of security, curability and immunity by use of the Defendants’ various products alleged to prevent sunburn, mosquito bites, and acne,” among others.

If you purchased UV neutralizer, Harmonized H2O, or any other Osmosis or Harmonized Water products, you may have a claim against the companies and be entitled to monetary recovery.

If you wish to become involved in a lawsuit against these companies or simply have questions about your legal rights, please contact attorney Bradley Vettraino at (617) 398-5600, by email at, or by contacting the firm.

Contact us to learn more about this investigation.

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